16th May 2017

One of the biggest events in Australia’s sporting calendar is the Australian Open. Providing the first grand slam tournament of the four majors of the international tennis circuit, this event helps to launch the professional tennis season.

The 2017 Australian Open has been facilitated by the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Trust since 1997 which reports to the Minister of Tourism. The ULA Group was approached by leading event communications and installation company, The P.A. People to create a unique LED display customised specifically for the Australian Open and to launch their new-look brand.

The P.A. People, having worked with Tennis Australia on many events over the years, were commissioned by them to provide a physical representation of the AO (brand) device to be used in association with the rebranding of the Australian Open. Tennis Australia was keen to effectively demonstrate the new brand, created by branding agency Landor, who had presented a concept of a 3-metre-high three-dimensional logo.

It was decided to display the new-look brand by recreating event-related imagery via the physical structure of the 3-metre-high LED display in the shape of the letters AO, to be situated outside of the arena to greet spectators. The LED display would need to be custom designed, weatherproof and offer convenient content management software to allow specifically created graphics and animation to be projected seamlessly.

The AO LED Display had to be built as two separate entities for each letter and stand approximately 3 metres tall to provide an adequate surface space for the animation.


The display had to include an automated brightness sensor to enable the display to adjust to accommodate varying degrees of sunlight. This was a unique project with the design of this LED display having to be created from scratch with no prior engineering template or even similar display to work from.  The timeframe was restricted as the display had to be ready prior to the opening of the Australian Open event to allow time for the animation software to be incorporated.