The only limit

is you imagination


The only limit to our VuePix customised LED displays, is the imagination!

You only get one chance to make that first impression which is why you need something to create an immediate visual impact. From welcoming spectators to the Australian Open through to branding for Coca-Cola, our VuePix team have designed, created and installed some of the most innovative and unique custom built LED displays.

At VuePix, we love a challenge and have a vast market experience in all aspects and specifics of different markets and environments. From iconic structures to large-scale productions, we will work with you to customise our products and solutions to perfectly fit your purpose / requirements.  Our strength as a company comes through the quality of our products, technology, software, experience and the innovation of our experienced team. We excel at the point where other companies are not able or willing to deliver your vision for your brand.


VuePix enables you to redefine the imaging landscape and customise LED video systems to your specifications through the guidance of our experienced team including:


Offering an extensive range of LED video solutions which incorporate indoor, outdoor, curved, mesh and creative LED video panels, making this one of the most versatile LED ranges on the market.

State of the Art Manufacturing

Manufacturing our products in our own state-of-the-art facilities, which gives us the flexibility and big advantage when it comes to customisation of our products.

Expert Guidance

Having a team of experienced engineers at both R&D and Project levels dedicated to always working out the solution which best suits your requirements, application and vision.


Using the knowledge and experience we have gained through working along renowned companies like Tennis Australia, Channel 7, Coca-Cola, QMS and Porsche on very specific customised projects.

Design Flexibility

Flexibility and innovation in design for several industries including television studios, creative design concepts for advertising agencies, outdoor advertising and sporting venues.

Site Specific

VuePix LED Displays specifically designed for the location and environment of the venue along with built-in software allowing automatic adjustment to cater to changes in sunlight and varying light levels.

Creative Team

Our own VuePix creative department to work with you to ensure your vision is brought to life no matter what size or shape.


Manufacturing Facilities

3 Billion

LED Chips Used


LED Screen Produced


Manufacturing Area


Staff Members