Inspire students,

stimulate academics

& engage visitors

with digital displays!


Inspire students, stimulate academics and engage visitors with digital displays!

It’s a fact that most industries are now reliant on digital technology and education is no exception. Learning institutions and training facilities around the world are now not only competing for the latest technology in learning to assist their students and teachers, they are competing to attract the right demographic of students and teachers to attend their facility.

Universities, schools and colleges are under a new wave of pressure to engage the students and staff upon their initial visit to the campus with many reaching out to digital displays as the answer.


At VuePix, our experienced LED experts will work with you to transform your classrooms, libraries, lecture halls, auditoriums and common areas into dynamic and inspiring interactive environments. We work with management and staff to offer the best LED display solutions for their needs such as:

Interactive Information

Interactive information LED displays on events and courses.

Directional Signage

Directional LED displays navigating students and visitors around the campus.

LED Experts

Expert advice and installation of suitable LED displays for classrooms and lecture theatres.

Design Flexibility

Offering a full range of innovative dynamic LED displays in any size, shape or curve to fit your education facilities, both outdoor and indoor spaces.


Providing LED systems which are lightweight, energy efficient, simple to install and easy to maintain.

High Quality Visuals

High quality visual engagement through the VuePix exceptionally high brightness, outstanding contrast ratio and excellent visual content in any light condition.


Advanced content management platforms allowing information and imagery to be updated in real time.

With today’s information overload, education and training facilities are having to reach out and engage their new and existing students in different ways throughout their entire learning experience. Through this demand to have constant digital interaction available for students, VuePix also provides training with students directly. By teaching them how to incorporate latest visual technology into their spaces, the benefits of using our LED displays for visual assistance during their projects and experiments to ultimately deliver a unique experience during their studies.


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