Fine Pitch LED Solutions

VuePix Infiled’s fine pixel pitch LED panels are the perfect solution for high resolution applications.

Our conveniently sized panels allow for resolutions of 2K, 4K, and 8K to be easily achieved.

The latest LED technology we work with allows us to create robust and durable panels designed for rigors of the rental and production market, through to advanced, ultra-slim and super lightweight displays for the most elegant permeant installations.

With the highest quality LED’s and components used throughout, VuePix Infiled’s fine pixel pitch displays provide an unparalleled viewing experience, boasting high refresh rates, excellent contrast, deep rich blacks, and a wide colour gamut.

Pixel Pitch (mm): 1.56 / 1.95 / 2.31 / 2.60 / 2.84 / 3.47
Brightness (nits): up to 1200
Application: Install / Rental
Environments: Indoor
IP Rating: IP30

Key Features

  • Deep black design for ultimate image quality
  • Protective System
  • Cable free connection
  • Easy maintenance system
  • Curving system available
Pixel Pitch (mm): 0.93 / 1.25 / 1.56 / 1.87 / 2.34 / 2.5 / 3.1
Brightness (nits): up to 1500
Application: Install
Environments: Indoor
IP Rating: IP30

Key Features

  • Ultra thin design
  • Ultra high definition option
  • Fine pixel pitch
  • Rapid installation system
  • Slim line mounting brackets
  • Portability options
  • Easy front service access