Geocon Promotes the Iconic Canberra
with VuePix Infiled

29 September 2020

Geocon Property Developers

Location: Canberra, Australia
Category: Indoor Installaton

Geocon – Canberra’s leading residential property developers – utilise the VuePix Infiled LED platform to promote their prestige projects & real estate.

Committed to providing an end-to-end service for their customers, they understand well how important high-end presentation is. So when it came to discussion about how to promote their projects in their new display suite and sales centre located in Canberra’s CBD, they contacted Elite Event Technology to provide a first class digital advertising platform.

“Geocon is one of our long standing clients and we have produced many of their corporate events in the past, so we knew that they would not settle for anything less than the best technology on the market”, says Darren Russell, Managing Director of Elite Event Services. “The VuePix Infiled screen was an obvious choice for us, however this project was challenging in terms of the space. We had exactly a 600mm gap between the wall and glass shopfront façade, that is where the screen had to be installed,” explains Darren. “We designed and manufactured a custom tracking system that slides the screen in and out of its cavity, positioning it in the perfect spot for advertising while allowing it to slide out for regular maintenance. The screen is 4m high and 2.25m tall, so the tracking system is quite substantial.”

The digital platform has been running 24/7 for almost a year without any downtime, showcasing Geocon’s prestige projects at their very best.