24th May 2017

if Design Award 2017 TT8 and iF logo

We are proud to announce our TT series has received a world-renowned iF Design Award for 2017. The winning product, Creative Triangle TT8, was nominated and later selected as a winner of the 1.20 Industry / Skilled Trades category.

VuePix TT Series

The VuePix TT series combines the advantages of high quality traditional LED screens with a unique approach to creative visual displays. The triangular shaped LED modules to allow you to configure your LED screens into shapes & matrixes, impossible to achieve with the traditional square or rectangular panels.

Multi-angled 3D displays such as a diamond, pyramid and star are just a few of the endless creative possibilities using VuePix TT panels. Equipped with bright LEDs and with advanced IP65 protection, these stylish LED panels are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

TT8 Series LED Screen Front and Back

“The iF logo has become an internationally acknowledged symbol of outstanding design, and serves as a beacon for design-interested audiences worldwide.” 

if design award gold

About IF Design Awards

Since 1953, iF has been active in the design community, issuing awards that are recognised and respected all over the world.

The iF logo has become an internationally acknowledged symbol for outstanding design and serves as a beacon to design-interested audiences worldwide.

One of the most prestigious design competitions in the world, a one-of-a-kind label recognised by design aficionados the world over.

TT8 Series LED Screen on display