Knowledge is power

and information is key!


Knowledge is power and information is key!

The world is becoming an extremely busy place with populations growing, people travelling more and the expectation of fast and accurate information. Many people don’t have the time or patience to go searching for information and have been conditioned to have details right at their fingertips. For a venue to keep up with the demand of moving foot traffic, it must have clear and well located signage. Even more importantly, that signage must have the ability to be updated to adapt to occurrences such as changing traffic conditions, new building modifications or just general changes to the venue or location.


VuePix LED technology provides the ultimate solution for companies who need both temporary and permanent directional and informative signage including:

Traffic Signage

Digital information systems for passing vehicle traffic.

Attention Grabbing

Signage designed specifically to gain attention with the aim to inform, influence and/or navigate visitors, pedestrians or customers.

Tailored Solutions

Provision of LED displays for traffic management for specific occurrences such as concerts, events, natural disasters and road works.

Expert Technicians

An experienced team of technicians who are familiar with the specialised requirements for traffic signage and the importance of the displays being reliable.

Indoor / Outdoor

LED displays available for both indoor and outdoor solutions with advanced IP65 protection for outdoor applications.

Remote Access

Development of technology allowing for remote Display Monitoring and Content Management.

Efficient Construction

Technology and materials that are lightweight, durable and specifically designed to withstand frequent transport and quick set ups.

Visually Stunning

LED displays with specifically programmed brightness and outstanding contrast levels to ensure the system delivers excellent visuals in any light conditions.

Weather Proof

Signage that can withstand harsh environmental factors such as direct UV rays, varying temperatures, constant vibrations and severe weather conditions.

Keeping the public informed of changed traffic conditions, pedestrian access and general changes to the area is the key to keeping those who may be immediately affected both informed and safe.

Information Signage Systems must be reliable, easy to transport (if required), easy to operate and comply with safety conditions in the location it is situated. Our qualified team of technicians have extensive experience with the requirements and regulations needed in this specialised field and can guarantee that your message will be delivered clearly and efficiently through our VuePix LED technology.


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