Let us

entertain you!


Let us entertain you!

Eminem. Guy Sebastian. Katy Perry. These artists don’t mess around when it comes to giving their fans a performance and show of a lifetime.  Our experienced team and VuePix LED technology have been sourced and used by the best in the industry when it comes to live production due to our reputation of providing high quality products, visual solutions and an understanding of this extremely demanding industry.


VuePix LED technology is continuously on the move with live productions with a clientele ranging from LED displays as big as buildings for stadium performances through to providing media floor displays for corporate events. The reason we have gained a reputation in this industry is through our own professional performance by providing:

Time Efficient

An understanding of the time restraints for installation and removal of stage sets and lighting.

Ease of Transport

Displays that are durable, lightweight and specifically designed to be transported.

Extensive Range

An extensive range of digital displays such as transparent mesh screens, solid screens, curved displays, creative flexible displays and interactive media floors.

Indoor / Outdoor

The option of advanced, high performance rental displays for both indoor and outdoor applications.

High Usage

Panels that have been designed to cater to the constant usage of touring and rental.

Ease of Use

LED digital products that are equipped with user-friendly features such as positioning pins for quick and easy alignment, ergonomic handles for convenient handling and patented fast lock mechanism for easy assembly.

Dual Power

Dual power and signal redundancy providing a guaranteed back up source that can be relied on during live productions.

Visually Stunning

LED digital displays that provide brilliant visual performance, excellent colour uniformity for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Flat or Curved

Panels equipped with a specially designed angling system, allowing displays to be set up as flat or curved screens in different angle options for various applications.

Full Accessory Range

Durable flight cases for easy transport and manipulation with a reliable accessory range such as hanging bars, etc.

Our extensive understanding and experience in live production have placed VuePix LED technology at the forefront of the industry when it comes to providing a reliable and brilliant LED performance in a live environment. The technology, design and support that our clients receive are the reasons that every performance our products are involved in is applauded by a standing ovation. By choosing VuePix LED technology, you are guaranteed that no matter what, the show will go on.


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