Get your message noticed

in a prime location


Get your message noticed in a prime location!

The age of digital technology is here and it’s only going to get bigger which is why many companies and advertising agencies are investing in digital media facades in prime locations. Times Square in New York, Leicester Square in London and central Tokyo; these major cities have become somewhat of an icon and testament to the success of well-placed and interactive advertising.

VuePix LED technology offers the ultimate in visual presentations and displays that catch, then grab the spectator’s attention. If done correctly through experienced installation, advanced LED technology, skillful design and interactive software, both the infrastructure and the sponsor are going to benefit in gaining the attention of thousands of people a day.


Our experienced team of professionals can offer a myriad of expertise and services including:


Assessment of potential revenue gain from both commercial space and building façades.


The creation of iconic building statements and transformation of tired and faded building facades.

Expert Solutions

Experienced architects and installation technicians able to work on any location and building surface, no matter how challenging.


Assessment and design of media façade in accordance to the level of screen transparency and ability to allow the flow of natural light inside the building.

Designed for the Elements

Environmental assessments to ensure the LED Media Façade is designed to the building’s unique specifications and requirements such as extreme weather, possible corrosion with salt air and earthquakes.


Designing, producing and installing a reliable product and providing solid technical support.

Real-time Maintenance Management

Specifically designed software able to report on real-time maintenance issues providing reliable remote control management.

Lightweight & Efficient

Providing a variety of products that are light-weight and offer both front and rear maintenance points suitable specifically for building installations.

Expert Guidance

Experienced project managers who will look over all aspects of the display starting from the initial design to the final installation.

Media facades are being embraced by corporations, advertising agencies and sponsors all over the world with Australia and New Zealand joining the digital revolution and monetizing these interactive LED displays. However, due to insurance and legislation issues, it is important to use a company who has experience in the technology, an understanding of infrastructure, an appreciation of dynamic content and most importantly an emphasis of safety and following government regulations.


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