New VuePix screen delivered to Total Event Services in Darwin

Total Event Services – the major Australian production company based in Darwin, has recently invested in new release LED Video Technology. The latest and greatest visual delight to take up residence in Australia’s Top End is a Vuepix E Series LED mesh Display system. With approx. 60 panels of VuePix E series in their Hire and event inventory the Vuepix buzz has reached The Northern Territory.

With over 30 years of history and servicing the events and theming industry across the Northern Territory, from Darwin to the most distant areas of inland Australia, TES pays special attention when it comes to bringing the new equipment into their inventory.

Working on both indoor and outdoor events in these parts of Australia, you need to consider the weather conditions of extreme humidity, heat and torrential rain as well as challenging transport, so durability and reliability are high on the list of your expectations when it comes to deciding which brand and technology is the best for your business.

Colin West, managing director of Total Event Services, comments: “When purchasing large volumes of capital equipment such as VuePix LED screens you need more than just a price. You need reliable, consistency of the product, service, back-up, a supplier who cares and most of all to be there for tomorrow … ULA 10 out of 10, you can’t get much better!”

John Buchanan from ULA Group was there to hand over the screen and provide the staff training on the Video Screen. He comments: “I was able to have the Total Event guys setting up and operating the screen very fast. They were impressed with how the system fits together and the small amount of time it takes to build a big LED wall. The screen system also allows the designs to be non-standard so the staff are given greater flexibility with stage design and screen positioning in sets.”

The VuePix E Series screens are designed with easy assembly and servicing features – all parts of the system can be installed and serviced with no tools required. Equipped with a specially designed angling system (with five angle options), E series panels enable users to build horizontal or vertical curved displays, in either a convex or concave direction. Outputting a high brightness level with excellent colour uniformity, E Series panels deliver brilliant visual performance for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The VuePix screen has already proven to be the right choice for the number of events the company has been working on – from small productions for local communities, corporate hotel group events to international conferences and exhibitions.