Engage your customers,

create the ultimate

visual retail experience!


Engage your customers, create the ultimate visual retail experience!

Now more-so than ever before, retail and advertising is targeting a predominantly digital audience. With consumers flooded with new imagery from existing brands on an hourly basis, your brand needs to stand out and engage your audience quickly and effectively.

Originally designed for retail and commercial advertising applications, our state of the art, seamless VuePix LED displays are perfectly suited for installations in any location or application in prime viewing position of your customers such as shopping malls, airports and bus shelters.


Our company understands the demands of being seen and has developed a system specifically designed to target consumers and promote a call to action. This is done through our innovative LED technology and our experience in the industry and is implemented through several means:

Stunning Visuals

Outstanding contrast ratio and high refresh rates, delivering excellent visual content in any light condition.

Efficient Design

Our innovative dynamic displays are lightweight, energy efficient, simple to install and easy to maintain.

Create Engagement

Our extensive range of VuePix latest innovative free standing displays, creative lightweight panels for your shopfronts or an interactive LED floor to truly engage your customers.

Design Flexibility

Flexibility in design and ability to create outdoor or indoor and front or rear service systems.


Designed for 24/7 operation, our retail series systems feature complete remote monitoring and management platform, providing you real time information about the display’s performance.

Network Managment

The advanced networking management allowing you to upload and control the message on your screen via WLan, Wi-Fi or 3G from anywhere in the world and updating your message weekly, daily, hourly or instantly.

We appreciate how fierce the competition is for your brand which is why our technology will take your message to the next level with our latest content management systems. Our software allows you to stream live data and user-generated content from your website or social media in real time.  This means that as customers walk by your shop front window and snap a picture of your dynamic adverts, share them with their friends, or they engage in your on-line promotions, they become your ultimate real-life advertisements.


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