Engage Fans in

a whole new game!


Engage Fans in a whole new Game!

Engage, excite and allow the fans to relive the moment again and again through VuePix LED technology. Harness the energy of the crowd and create an atmosphere that brings fans to their feet allowing them to completely immerse themselves in their stadium experience.

VuePix has worked with stadiums, arenas, sporting clubs and management providing visual encounters which involve spectators and inspire audiences. In a venue that is already filled with anticipation and excitement, what better way to heighten that experience than through using innovative and engaging LED displays.


VuePix LED technology allows you to surround fans with constant stimulation and create the ultimate thrilling environment.  Our team work closely with venue management and event organisers to ensure that the expectations of the event are not only met but exceeded.  We ensure your vision is captured and brought to life through our customised LED displays throughout the entire process including:

Expert Guidance

Consultation from industry experts regarding positioning of screens, types of screens, locations of screens and software required for content management.

Strategic Placement

Strategic placement of LED display around stadiums and arenas for directions, event updates and advertising.

Built to Standards

Offering advanced Perimeter signage displays which are specifically designed to comply with the latest UEFA requirements as well as the highest radiation immunity and emission regulations (EN 55022-A class B standards).


Customised LED displays to capture the fans the attention and compliment the event.

Colour Calibration

Featuring automatic colour calibration system, which automatically adjusts content to the highest visual standard.

Visual Stunning

Outstanding visual performance even at direct sunlight.

Stable Performance

Our own VuePix creative department to work with you to ensure your vision is brought to life no matter what size or shape.

Diverse Range

Providing a diverse range of LED display products all specifically designed for your venue and event including giant LED walls, outdoor scoreboards, sports perimeter displays, digital advertising, betting displays and traffic management.

Fail Safe

Our Sports Perimeter Display which are equipped with fail safe components to ensure flawless operation.

Don’t just give the fans a venue to visit, give them an experience that will last them a life time and keep them coming back.


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