Take your viewers

to the next level

of visual entertainment!


Take your viewers to the next level of visual entertainment!

Never has there been a time when networks and production companies have had to compete on such an intense platform for viewers. With the introduction of online subscription programming and an influx of new free-to-air networks and programming, the demand for engaging – and keeping – the viewers is colossal.


Today’s television audience is not just wanting entertainment, they are wanting a constant WOW factor throughout their viewing experience. Our VuePix LED technology and products offer the ultimate in visual solutions throughout all production types and settings including:

Customised Display

Customised LED displays for television shows, news studio backdrops, broadcast or distribution monitoring rooms, screening, training or post production environments.

Controllers & Software

The design and installation of LED displays, controllers and software to ensure all platforms are cohesive and work together to create a seamless TV stream for viewers.

Stable Operation

Perfect operational stability even with external sources of electric and electromagnetic interference such as TV operation signals, and TV cameras.

Extensive Range

Extensive range of digital displays including transparent mesh screens, solid screens, curved displays, creative flexible displays and interactive media floors.

Efficient Design

All products are built with excellent heat dissipation for enhanced power efficiency and electronic performance.

Reliable Operation

LED displays with dual power and signal redundancy providing a reliable back up during live productions.

Visually Stunning

All VuePix products provide high contrast, high refresh rate, deep blacks and vibrant colours ensuring your audience will be visually stimulated and engaged.

Highest Quality LED’s

Specifically designed products made for television including black LEDs and finest pixel pitch for superior HD imagery.

Quite Operation

LED displays with built-in convention cooling tailored for environments where noise levels are crucial.

Sleek & Slimline

Sleek and slimline designs creating a seamless and flawless LED display.

When your business is entertaining or informing massive audiences, you will require a product that is reliable, durable, able to be customised and visually engaging. VuePix displays have a team of experienced engineers, technicians and software developers who specialize in designing LED Displays specifically for the industry requirements of live and recorded television broadcasts.

Our promise to our clients is to deliver a brilliant visual performance to your audience through our customised VuePix LED displays with no compromise on quality, standards or customer support.


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