• Pixel Pitch:5.95mm
  • Brightness:3000nits
  • Refresh Rate:≤3,840Hz
  • View Angle:160° / 160°
  • Physical Density:28224 px/m²
  • IP Rating:IP65
  • Weight:16kg
  • Size: 500 x 500 x 85.5mm
D Series LED floor graphic representation

Interactive Media Floor

VuePix Interactive Media Floor takes the traditional concept of the interactive LED floor to a whole new level!
The D Series panels have an integrated grid of motion sensors, which detect movement and respond to any physical activity happening on the surface or in close distance to the panels.

Equipped with high contrast LEDs and featuring anti-reflective and anti-slip surface, the D series panels provide perfectly uniform blacks and great visual performance under any light conditions and at wide viewing angles.

The LED modules are magnetically attached to the frames, allowing easy service and maintenance. The D series frames are specifically designed for very fast alignment and levelling and the power and data connectors are integrated into the panels, which help to reduce the installation time to a minimum.

The D series panels are fully IP65 rated and come in different sizes, allowing the panels to be installed in any space and configuration. The durable panels are designed to carry loads of up to 2500kg/ m² with a safety factor of 3. So you can drive even the biggest SUV-class cars on the floor with absolute peace of mind!

A custom shape interactive stage, an eye-catching LED media floor, a unique gallery display, a colourful catwalk or a giant multi-touch screen – all these creative displays are easily achieved with the VuePix D series!

Product Features

  • Equipped with a high contrast LEDs for great visual performance
  • Featuring anti-reflective and anti-slip surface
  • Sensors detect movement and respond to activity around the panel
  • LED modules are magnetically attached for easy service and maintenance
  • Designed for very fast alignment and levelling
  • Engineered to carry a load of 625kg per cabinet, 2,500kg per m²

Display Ratios and dimensions

Product Specifications

D 5 D 7
Pixel Pitch 5.95 mm 7.81 mm
Product Application Rental / Install Rental / Install
LED Arrangement 3 IN 1 SMD 3535 3 IN 1 SMD 3535
Brightness Level 3,300 nits 1,500 ~ 5,000 nits
Refresh Rate ≥1,920 Hz ≥1,920 Hz
Viewing Angle 140° / 140° 140° / 140°
Physical Density 28,224 pixels / m² 16,384 pixels / m²
Module Dimension 250 x 250 mm 250 x 250 mm
Cabinet Resolution 84 × 84 pixels 64 × 64 pixels
Cabinet Length 500 mm 500 mm
Cabinet Width 500 mm 500 mm
Cabinet Depth 85 mm 85 mm
Cabinet Weight 16 kg 16 kg
Max Power Consumption 1050 W/m² 1050 W/m²
Ave Power Consumption 315 W/m² 315 W/m²
Voltage Range AC90-260V 50-60Hz AC90-260V 50-60Hz
Operating Temperature −10°C ~ +45°C −10°C ~ +45°C
Half Life 100,000 hrs 100,000 hrs
Protection Rating IP65 IP65
Max Rigging 2,500 kg / m² ( 3 times the safety factor ) 2,500 kg / m² ( 3 times the safety factor )