HD1.5 LED Panel

  • Pixel Pitch:1.56mm
  • Brightness:800nits
  • Refresh Rate:3840Hz
  • View Angle:110° / 110°
  • Physical Density:409600 px/m²
  • IP Rating:IP30
  • Weight:9.6kg
  • Size: 400 x 450 x 99mm
HD Series LED Screen Digital Display

High Definition Displays

VuePix HD series offers the finest pixel pitch LED display solutions, suitable for the most demanding applications where a fine pixel pitch is a need in a fixed installation environment such as TV broadcasting studios, traffic control rooms, boardrooms etc.

The sleek and seamless high definition LED displays to deliver a superb visual performance with high refresh rate, excellent greyscale levels, high contrast and wide colour gamut. The panel construction is of precision die cast aluminium, allowing excellent heat dissipation for enhanced power efficiency and silent performance.

The remote monitoring diagnostic platform provides real-time information about the LED system performance and detects any inconsistent behaviour, alerting you when service is required.
The dual power and signal redundancy give you an extra security for flawless operation.

The HD series panels are built and tested to meet all the EMC requirements. Exchangeable power and control unit allows servicing of the screen with minimal time. The panels feature a memory card on board for storage of calibration data. The optional front service access simplifies the maintenance and servicing for specific projects.

Product Features

  • Superb visual performance
  • High refresh rate, excellent grey scale levels
  • High contrast and wide colour gamut
  • Convection cooled, no fans on board
  • Fast locks and positioning pins for easy alignment
  • Remote monitoring diagnostic platform
  • Dual power and signal redundancy
  • Easy and quick hot swap of power and signal modules
  • Both front and rear maintenance options

Display Ratios and Dimensions

Product Specifications

HD1.2 HD1.5
Pixel Pitch 1.25 mm 1.56 mm
Product Application Install Install
LED Arrangement 3 IN 1 SMD 3 IN 1 SMD
Brightness Level 600-800 nits 600-800 nits
Refresh Rate 3,840 Hz 3,840 Hz
Viewing Angle 110° / 110° 110° / 110°
Physical Density 640,000 pixels / m² 409,600 pixels / m²
Module Dimension 200 x 150 mm 200 x 150 mm
Cabinet Resolution 320 × 360 pixels 256 × 288 pixels
Cabinet Width 400 mm 400 mm
Cabinet Height 450 mm 450 mm
Cabinet Depth 99 mm 99 mm
Cabinet Weight 9.6 kg 9.6 kg
Max Power Consumption 1,100 W/m² 1,100 W/m²
Ave Power Consumption 365 W/m² 365 W/m²
Voltage Range AC90-260V 50-60Hz AC90-260V 50-60Hz
Operating Temperature −10°C ~ +45°C −10°C ~ +45°C
Half Life 100,000 hrs 100,000 hrs
Protection Rating IP30 IP30