Wall of Light – La Boite Theatre

ULA Group has made another firm commitment to the Australian theatre industry by becoming a key sponsor of the ‘Wall of Light’ – a unique digital artwork project of La Boite Theatre Company in Brisbane.

The original project ‘Wall of Light’ came to life at the beginning of this year, when theatre management was seeking creative ways in which to thank to their donors and supporters and display their names in the foyer of the theatre.


La Boite is committed to working in a sustainable way to meet the future with a clean, green conscience and seeks also the right eco-aware suppliers, who can contribute to their commitment by providing energy efficient solutions. That is why they engaged the ULA Group with their concept of an interactive way of presenting their thanks and acknowledgement of their sponsors.

Blair Terrace worked closely with Terese Casu, who was General Manager of the Theatre. Having heard their concept, and the unique nature of the project he decided to specify a VuePix LED mesh (M20) screen for the foyer area. The screen is fit into “board style” frame and has a frosted layer of diffused Acrylic in front, where the names of the sponsors are engraved.


The graphics and artistic content has been generated and is controlled via ArKaos Media Master Software. The Vuepix LED Mesh illuminates the wall with subtle color patterns and abstract video images, these can be customized to suit depending on the time of day, actual performance etc. This digital art piece gives great flexibility and creative possibilities for La Boite’s designers, wanting to promote their theatre’s performance and create a specific atmosphere, which gives you a different feeling every time you enter the foyer.


Cuono Biviano, Managing Director of ULA Group comments: “It is with great pleasure for us to support this unique visual piece of art and give back to the industry which gave so much to us. My hat goes off to all those involved at La Boîte in designing the Wall of Light and respect to all other sponsors of the theatre. We look forward to the continual support of La Boîte.”


Blair Terrace & Cuono Biviano (ULA Group), John Schere (La Boite Theatre)

Paul Makeham, Chair of La Boite Theatre Company Board says: “We saw this as an innovative and exciting approach to fundraising. We were humbled by the response from our loyal base of supporters, and feel incredibly proud of the outcome. The Wall itself is a beautiful addition to the look and feel of the company, but more importantly, its symbolic value for the organisation is priceless.”