Brompton Technology
Introduces TrueLight®

 22 June 2023

TrueLight® is a game-changing technology, delivering high-quality lighting from LED panels with extra emitters – offering accurate, calibrated colours. It provides unprecedented improvement and control to the limited spectral output from RGB panels that can create unnatural skin tones.


  • RGB panels are great for direct view – but not so good when panels are lighting a scene.
  • White light from an RGB panel has limited output at certain wavelengths.
  • Colours in the scene that fall within these missing wavelengths will not look correct when lit by RGB.
  • This is especially important for skin tones.


Blending red, green and blue only creates the perception
of other colours for direct view.


Adding a white emitter creates a broader spectrum
with light output at all wavelengths.


An additional emitter turns a panel into a high-quality light fixture. But special control functionality and complex processing
algorithms are required to maintain colour accuracy and calibration. Brompton Technology has solved this problem with TrueLight®.

TrueLight’s special control functionality and complex processing algorithms make it the perfect choice for any scene.


Dynamic Calibration is Brompton’s unique calibration technology which enables panels to achieve previously unattainable levels of brightness and colour saturation. TrueLight leverages this technology, with the subsequent benefits:

  • Perform spectrally aware calibration of RGBW panels.
  • Full colour and luminance correction are applied to achieve colorimetric accuracy.
  • Full per-pixel calibration offers the image quality required for direct-view applications, including reflection.
  • All four LED colours are fully corrected, maintaining calibration accuracy for any RGBW spectral mix.
  • Offers users control over the RGB to RGBW signal conversion.


Metamerism: With RGBW there are many different combinations that achieve the same colour. Choose the right one for your application with Spectral Preference.

Brighter Output: When using panels for lighting you can achieve higher brightness by combining all four LEDs, controlled with Spectral Headroom.

On-Camera: Different cameras will perceive the white LED differently – adjust the colour mix to maintain accuracy with Spectral Balance.

Complexity: The calculations to deliver this control of colour in real-time are very intensive. The only receiver card with sufficient power is the Tessera G1.

The Tessera G1 receiver card is by far the most powerful receiver card ever designed for an LED panel and a platform for innovation on which to build the next generation of high-performance displays. It offers:

  • Up to one million pixels.
  • Fully calibrated RGBW.
  • Ultra-high frame rates of up to 1000fps.
  • The first receiver card with 10Gb bandwidth connection straight to panel.
  • Standard RGB video pipeline as input to the receiver card.
  • Dynamic controls to adapt spectral output in real-time.
  • The highly complex real-time conversion to RGBW employs the extreme processing power of the Tessera G1.