Linear LED Solutions

Pixel Pitch (mm): 10.41 x 20.81
Brightness (nits): 3,500
Application: Install / Rental
Environments: Indoor / Outdoor
IP Rating: IP65

Key Features

  • Linear LED rental solution
  • Range of mounting & installation option
  • Lightweight construction
  • Supports Novastar & Brompton control systems
  • IP65 protection

Linear LED Solutions

VueStrip provides new creative possibilities and allows designers to think outside of the square when it comes to LED digital displays.

The lightweight linear housing and modular design makes these high-brightness LED strips perfect for any creative application. With advanced IP65 protection, VueStrips can be used for any outdoor events and spaces.

VueStrip offers a wide range of accessories, including different types of brackets for various installation methods. A range of diffusers is also available for special effects.


Advanced IP65 protection

Lightweight construction

Quick and easy installation


Creative Displays

Various shapes and creative displays can be achieved using VueStrip LED linear bars.

Installation Options

A wide range of accessories are available allowing various installation methods.

Perfect Size

VueStrip is available in 500mm or 1000mm lengths.


Advanced IP65 protection makes VueStrip fixtures ideal for outdoor applications.

Optional Lampshades

A range of diffusers are available for special effects.

Control Solutions

VueStrip supports both Brompton and Novastar control systems.

Power & Data Diagram



VueStrip-10-500 VueStrip-10-500
Pixel Pitch 10.41 x 20.82 mm 10.41 x 20.82 mm
Product Application Rental Rental
LED Arrangement 3 IN 1 SMD 3 IN 1 SMD
Brightness Level 3,500 nits 3,500 nits
Refresh Rate ≤1,000 Hz ≤1,000 Hz
Viewing Angle 160° / 160° 160° / 160°
Physical Density 4,608 pixels/ m² 4,608 pixels/ m²
Module Dimension 500 x 33 mm 500 x 33 mm
Module Resolution 48 x 2 pixels 96 x 2 x 216 pixels
Module Weight 0.6 kg 1.2 kg
Max Power Consumption 50 W/strip 10 W/strip
Ave Power Consumption 2 W/strip 3 W/strip
Voltage Range AC100-240V 50-60Hz AC100-240V 50-60Hz
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +45°C -10°C ~ +45°C
Half Life 100,000 hrs 100,000 hrs
Protection Rating IP65 IP65
Verification CE, EMC, TUV, RoHS CE, EMC, TUV, RoHS