Creative LED Solutions

Creating bespoke LED solutions designed specifically for your unique application is one of the main features that sets VuePix Infiled apart from the rest.

Our experienced team of designers & engineers will work with you to specify, design & build your unique LED display to make a strong visual impact to the audience.

Our range of creative displays represents the next level in LED usability and interaction technology. From high transparency displays catering to outdoor media facades, designer displays of irregular shapes, soft flexible modules for creative installations with no limitations, to interactive media displays with in-built motion sensors allowing responsive content to be shown.

The latest LED technology we work with allows us to create ultra-slim and super light-weight displays, which can be seamlessly attached to any structure or surface, totally integrated with the building. Shining bright when powered on, yet very classy and discreet when it needs to be.

From welcoming spectators to the Australian Open through to branding for Coca-cola & Warner Bros. theme parks, our VuePix Infiled team have designed, created and installed some of the most innovative and unique custom built LED displays worldwide.

At VuePix Infiled, we LOVE A CHALLENGE! We enjoy pushing the boundaries and redefining the possibilities of the digital landscape with our bespoke LED solutions. The only limit is your imagination!

Pixel Pitch (mm): 5.9 / 7.81
Brightness (nits): up to 5000
Application: Install / Rental
Environments: Indoor / Outdoor
IP Rating: up to IP65

Key Features

  • Equipped with high contrast LEDs for great visual performance
  • Featuring anti-reflective & anti-slip surface
  • Engineered to carry 625kg per cabinet,2,500kg per m²
  • LED modules are magnetically attached for easy maintenance
  • Designed for very fast alignment and levelling
  • Sensors detect movement and respond to activity – Optional
Pixel Pitch (mm): 1.9 / 2.5 / 4 / 6.7
Brightness (nits): up to 1200
Application: Install
Environments: Indoor
IP Rating: IP30

Key Features

  • Highly flexible, ultra thin & super light
  • Designed to create convex & concave curved displays
  • Advanced magnetic connection system
  • High brightness & refresh rate
  • Front / rear maintenance
Pixel Pitch (mm): 10
Brightness (nits): up to 5000
Application: Install
Environments: Outdoor
IP Rating: IP65

Key Features

  • Perfect for custom LED displays
  • High Brightness
  • Quiet performance
  • IP65