VuePix Infiled Indoor LED displays represent the very best LED Screen visual technology available on the market.

VuePix Infiled has a large range of fully customisable LED screen solutions that can be tailored to suit any application and provide the highest quality of visual performance. With an emphasis on superior image quality, increased grey scale levels, high contrast, fast refresh rate and wide colour gamut, our digital displays provide a crisp and impactful visuals.

VuePix Infiled indoor LED screens are slim and of a sleek design, offering an ultimate seamless high definition LED displays, starting at 1.2mm pixel pitch.
Built with high quality materials and components, our LED displays are designed to allow excellent heat dissipation for enhanced power efficiency and silent operation. The optional dual power and signal redundancy give you an extra security for flawless operation.

Our patented remote monitoring diagnostic platform available for most of our Indoor LED panels provides real-time information about the LED system performance and detects any inconsistent behaviour, alerting you when service is required.

VuePix Infiled indoor LED displays can provide great advertising revenue, or visitor engagement in any type of application – from corporate lobbies or boardrooms, educational and government institutions, to large scale display series at airports, shopping and entertainment hubs.


Flagship ultra-thin, ultra-high

resolution LED displays

Key Features

  • All-in-one solution for ultra-high
    resolution displays
  • Superior image quality in a sleek form factor
  • Ultra-thin modules & Intuitive slim line
    mounting system
  • Ready to transform any surface into
    high-def digital canvas

The LED screen that

looks great on camera!

Key Features

  • Designed specifically for film, broadcast
    and virtual studio
  • Superb performance & ultimate
    image quality for camera
  • Utilising the latest Brompton
    processing system
  • Ultra-low SCAN rate & exceptional
    refresh rate

High-performance LED panels

for fixed installations

Key Features

  • Exceptional & vivid image quality
  • Slim & lightweight aluminum profile
  • Universal LED module & separate PDU
  • Advanced IP65 weatherproof protection

High-performance Versatile

LED Displays

Key Features

  • Lightweight design
  • Enhanced corner protection
  • Creative mounting possibilities
  • Front & rear service options
  • .