12th Dec 2017

Bristol Airports VuePix screen displays Dan Parry Jones

VuePix Technology awarded with the Dailydooh Gala Award

Date: November 2017
Location: : Bristol, Englad
LED Panels: S Series
Category: Indoor Installation

VuePix innovative technology has received ‘The Best Mall / Shopping Centre Award’ for the installation of the Digital Wall at Bristol Airport!

The DailyDOOH Gala Awards recognize the best and unique digital signage projects internationally, promoting the best practice in the industry. This year the DailyDOOH Awards took place at Banqueting House, Whitehall in London at the end of November.

VuePix LED technology
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The award winning Digital Wall project at Bristol Airport was designed to deliver a unique experience for all the travelers visiting the busy airport.

The 14m long and 2.5m tall digital wall has been seamlessly integrated into the airport environment and is used as a captivating digital platform displaying customised content to inform passengers about departing flights, current weather at their destination, schedule of flights, etc. Incorporating live data feed, such as local weather and time specific to the destination with the imagery relevant to the time of day, the display is being used to connect the travellers with their destinations before they aboard the plane.

Furthermore, the Digital Wall is also utilised for advertising of businesses and services within the airport. The VuePix technology partners are very proud of wining this prestigious award!

  • Project Technical Details:
    • S Series Screen 2.4mm pixel pitch
    • 14m long x 2.5m tall
    • 150 Cabinets, 30 x 5 configuration
    • Resolution: 5,760 x 960 pixels
    • Total Pixels: 5,529,600
VuePix LED technology is installed at Bristol Airport