Guy Sebastian will be touring Australia again

Guy Sebastian is getting ready for his new Australian “Get Along Tour 2013′, which is planned to be even bigger and better then his ‘Armageddon Tour’, which he toured Nationally mid last year. Kicking off late March in Perth, Guy and his team will be on the road again for more then 3 months with 45 planned stops. The First 10 legs of the new tour have already sold out, which forecasts another very successful project of this first Australian Idol series winner.

Melbourne bases event company, Powa Productions were behind the great success of the Armageddon Tour in 2012. They provided 2 identical touring rigs to ensure smooth logistics & a touring buss for Powa Production crew: Simon “Junior “Johnson (Lighting Director & Operator), Jed Von Hesse, Brendon Malone, Craig Housman and Casey Loraine.


One of Australia’s Leading Lighting Designers- Bruce Ramus worked closely with Powa team to get his great conceptual stage designs into a reality. As the tour venues included both arenas and smaller local clubs, the production component of the tour needed to be really flexible to be able to adapt to all type of stage sizes and venues.

The lighting an video rig consisted of 28x VuePix M10 Mesh panels, floor mounted on the stage into several ’pillars’, providing great visual backgrounds for the band. The content for the screens was managed via 2 Arkaos Media servers. The Lighting rig included 19x Robe 600 LEDWashes mounted in a unique way in a horizontal fashion beside the LED screens. This was possible due to their light weight design and compact size.

The LEDWashes were used both for stage wash as well as visual eye-candy effects. 8x Robin MMX Spots and 7x Robe ColorSpot 700Es were included in the overhead  lighting rig as well as on the stage floor, these were used for stage lighting and as backlight. 2x Robe 400 Hazers were used to create haze effects during the show.

Guy Sebastian, who was the first winner of Australian Idol, has released seven top ten albums since his rocket to fame in 2003. His latest single “Get Along”, which was released late last year, will be the opening song for his new Australian Tour.