VuePix on Show for Chinese Karaoke Competition

The grand final for a popular Chinese Karaoke television competition was held at Palms Crown Casino in May 2010, broadcasted from Melbourne to China.

Due to the broadcast nature of the show, lighting director Kate Hall saw the need for additional movement on the stage. Having used VuePix P18 SMD LED mesh panels on Little Birdie previously, she contacted Clifton Productions to supply the LED screens again as this was the piece missing to light up the stage.

Due to a small budget, only a small amount of panels were supplied with high impact consisting of a total of 20 x P18 SMD LED mesh panels. Configuration of the middle screen was 3 panels wide x 4 panels deep. Either side of middle screen was configured into strips of 1 panel wide x 4 panels deep.

VuePix Centrepiece for Canon
VuePix Centrepiece for Canon

Kate drove the screen from FOH with the in house Grand MA and a Catalyst server. James Pavey from Clifton Productions
said everyone was extremely happy with the graphics the screen produced on stage as this complimented and made the lighting show.